2019 Art All Night on H Programming Line Up

  1. Station House

3rd Street NE & H Street NE

700pm -100am

SAAAM FAIR (Super Affordable Awesome Art & Makers Fair)

Over 20 artists & makers will be in space showcasing and vending their craft and art.


  1. Craft Beer Cellar

301 H Street NE

700pm -900pm

Beer Tasting with Pale Fire Brewing



  1. Capitol Hill Hot Yoga

830pm to 930pm (Door opens at 8, there is cap limit)

Glow Party where Music, Yoga, and Movement Collide

This 60-minute non-heated class will take you on a rhythmic journey marrying the elements of music and breath with yoga and dance, all presented with a backdrop of a dimly lit room with blacklight and candles.



  1. Anthology

Welcome Center 7pm -11pm

625 H Street NE

700pm -1000pm Live Body Painting Duel - Bring on the DC Statehood Pride!

800pm -1000pm – Art of Sushi

730pm – Dance of the East

800pm – PBC Band

830pm – Interpretive Movements – Shanna Lim & Kundu

900pm – Georgetown Superfood

930pm – Learn to Dance the Tinikling

700pm -1000pm Art Installations



  1. Solid State Books

600F H Street NE

8pm to 10pm (Door opens at 730pm)

Comedy Some of the Night



  1. 1006 Parking Lot

700pm -1200am – DC Statehood Activation Community Painting Wall

800pm – Taiko Drumming

830pm – Dhol Drumming

1000pm – 200am – Silent Disco

1200am -100am – LED Performers

100am -200am – Fire Spinners



  1. Duffy’s Irish Pub

800pm – 1000pm

Come Listen to Jelly Roll Mortals

8pm -10pm



  1. H Street Framing

700pm -1000pm

“If H Street Could Talk” – A Photography Exhibit & Talk by Joseph Young

If H Street could talk, as in the Tower of Babel Bible story, it would make a confused noise. H Street has come to close to the heavens above.

7pm – 10pm


  1. Atlas Performing Arts Center
  2. Cabaret Lounge in Sprenger Theater


7pm -10pm

Open Piano Bar Come listen to wonderful live acoustic piano music while sipping on cocktails

10pm -12am

Cabaret Variety Show

11am – 1am

House of Rap Curated by With Great Care

12am -1am

Midnight Drag Cabaret – A Drag Salute to the Divas

7pm -1am Art Installations

Featured Artists

Elizabeth Ashe, interactive installation- Connections

Thalia Doukas, interactive sculpture - Blocks and Community Weaving

Christopher Malone, sculpture

Katherine Smith-Morse, interactive sculpture


  1. Grand Hall

11am – 1am

House of Rap Curated by With Great Care


  1. Lab II

7pm to 10pm

DC Laughs Shorts Films presented by DC Shorts Fall Film Festival



  1. Mehari Sequar Gallery

700pm -1100pm

Gallery Exhibit - Discarded’ presenting the works of contemporary artist Faustin Adeniran


  1. Starburst Plaza


All Star Go-Go Tribute


700pm -800pm                          DNA Band

815pm – 915pm                        Sweat Band the Hot Cold Sweat Experience

930pm – 1030pm                      HORU Music Experience

1045pm – 1145pm                    UCB


  1. Streetcar


All Star Female Performer Showcase

7pm Geonna & Zoe- Hip Hop 7pm Robin Tiarra-vocalist
8pm TBD 8pm Charise Hodges/Seema Reza - Poets/Dancers
9pm NUEX-Singer + Keyboardist 9pm Maggie Yacoub - Middle Eastern Sounds
10pm Fruitful Rhythm - Percussionist 10pm Ace Ono - Vocalist
11pm Asala Belly Dancer 11pm Kima Hawk-Performance Art
12am Meera Chakravarthy-Flutist 12am Shanna Lim-Dancer
1am Dio Ashley Brown - Vocalist 1am Felicia and Diego Singer + Guitarist